Orotig Laser Evo 125J

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Thanks to the multiannual experience in the Laser field Orotig has developed the EVO Series: compact, reliable and high-performing. Power range from 60 to 200 Joules, capable to satisfy all categories of customers, from dental labs to jewelry shops, to eye-glass frames repairers.

In addition to guaranteeing best performance, high productivity and compact size, constant research for new solutions has led to the introduction of additional functions such as:

Main features:

- User interface with touch-screen display

- USB pen drive for firmware updates and real time diagnostic

- Air and water cooling system

- LED lightning system with dimmer

 - Connection for Argon and compressed air

Model EVO 125
Power supply Single phase ~115-230 VAC±10%, 50/60Hz, 16 A
Crystal type 7mm Nd:YAG 1064nm
Power impulse and time 125J at 25 mS
Peak power 5 kW
Mean power 60 W
Fequency of repetition 15 Hz
LASER spot dimension From 0.3 to 1.5 mm (opzional from 0.15 to 1.5 mm)
Access controls External with display TFT 3,5” color touch-screen  with inside chamber joystick
Stereo-microscope 45° with 10X and cross hair (Leica)
Weight 32 Kg
Dimensions (WxDxH) 52 x 73 x 50 cm
Cooling type Forced air with fan speed control, 1 lt liquid and radiator


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